Can you charge your camera in Kazakhstan?


If you want to save all important moments of the International Astronomy Olympiad, you should bring your camera with you. I assume that you also want to bring your laptop and your cellphone. A shaver and an electric toothbrush are important for your hygiene, don't forget to put them into your luggage too.

But are you sure that you will be able to charge them when the battery is low? If you are not prepared, it will take you by a surprise. Trust me, I've been there.

Remember that in Kazakhstan we use 220V AC power supply.

To fit into the socket your device must have one of the plugs you see below:

Possible plugs

If in your country the power supply is not 220V or you use any other type of plugs, it is your responsibility to find necessary adapters for all your gadgets. If you don't know what do you use in your country, you should consult with Wikipedia which has a great classification of countries by voltage and by used plugs. If you are still unsure, ask an advice of a professional electrician.

Bring your own power adapters. Power adapters are very difficult to find in Almaty, especially for some unusual plugs. Plus, you won't have any time to look for it.

Don't let the important moments of the Olympiad get ruined by a low battery. Make all necessary preparations in advance!