Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have an Internet access during the Olympiad?

Yes, of course, there is a free Internet access for all Olympiad participants. Whenever you have some free time, you are welcome to come to the Observatory lounge where you are able to connect to an open WiFi network using your laptop or smarphone. If you don't bring a laptop, you can use one of our computers that you will find on the second floor of the Observatory. We plan to keep Internet access open for most of the evening and during the day when you have no Olympiad activities.

What currency (USD, Euro) should I bring and how much?

Both USD and Euro are fine. You can freely exchange either of them to local currency and back. However, if you want to buy anything, you need local currency. If you need to visit a bureau de change, they are very easy to find in the city, and you will have an assistance. The exchange rate is about the same everywhere in the city. Unfortunately, there are no any money exchangers in the hotel, because it is a part of educational institution.

As for the amount, I cannot suggest anything. Food, transportation and lodging are already paid for, so it only depends on how much you want to spend.

How much will it cost me to call home? What about local calls? Should I buy a local number?

You can either use mobile phone with your number that you bring with you, or purchase a local number. In the first case, please, consult your phone operator about the exact price of any phone calls and any other conditions.

If you decide to purchase a local number, calls to other countries cost between $0.5 and $2 per minute, depending on the operator and destination.

Landline calls inside the city cost nothing if you call from another landline phone. There is one in the Observatory building that you can use freely.

Are there any suggestions what clothes should I wear, perhaps some ethnic or religious traditions?

There are no any particular rules about clothing, or traditions that would limit you. Take any modern casual clothes that make you fill comfortable, but would suit the weather.

We expect that the weather will be the most comfortable with temperature around +25 - +30 °C, but if it rains the temperature might drop to +10 - +15. Bring some warn clothes so you don't catch a cold.

How far is the hotel from the Observatory? Will there be any problems coming to the hotel late at night?

The hotel is literally just around the corner from the Observatory, it takes only a couple of minutes to walk there. Bobek is an enclosed and guarded area, so as long as you don't leave it, you are free to stay up surfing the Internet as much as you want.

Should I have a medical insurance?

Yes, absolutely! You must follow all recommendations for any foreign trip! When you go on a trip, it is vital to have an international medical insurance, because every country has its own medical attendance rules and pricing. This trip is not an exception.

Will I be picked up from the airport?

Please read this reminder.

What kind of power supply do you have in Kazakhstan and what sockets type do you use?

We have a very nice illustrated description of this topic right here.