Participants feedback

If you liked the Olympiad, please, send us your feedback too.


I am so happy that you made it possible for me to take part in the olympiad.

I have so many wonderful memories from my days in Kazakhstan, and will never forget this visit to your country. Thank you for your great hospitality.

My best wishes,
Anders Vaesterberg, Sweden


Дорогие организаторы!

Мне захотелось ещё раз поблагодарить Вас за гостеприимство и за все эти прекрасные дни в Бобеке. Мы благополучно вернулись домой: самолёты не опоздали и никаких проблем с документами не было.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Jaak Jaaniste, Estonia


Дорогие организаторы!

Мы успешно вернулись домой. До Киева летели вместе с командами Украины, Румынии и Литвы. Из Киева до Вильнюса полёт длился только 1 час.

Большое спасибо за гостеприимство всем коллегам, имён которых я даже не запомнила, но все они были очень внимательные. Большое спасибо и доктору, которая так за мной заботилась и помогла мне перенести гипертонический кризис. В литовских долинах у нас опять всё нормально.

Всего доброго,
Romualda Lazauskaitė, Lithuania


We Korean team has got safely back home.

But I already miss not only the warm hospitality of Kazakhstan people but also spectacular snowy mountains as well as endless sky of Kazakhstan.
In fact, every moment of IAO 2011 was very special and enjoyable including the time spent in the beautiful campus of Bobek. You are truly entitled to be proud of your center. I also appreciated the chance to experience both culture and nature of Kazakhstan through visits to see the ballet of Don Quixote and Charyn cannyon.

All those things must have been possible because of your long and hard work for preparing for IAO. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

All of your staff were very kind and helpful throughout our stay in Almaty, for which we are really grateful. Please convey our deep gratitude to them as well as other organizers at Bobek center.

Hopefully, we can make the next year's IAO as successful as this year's. In addition, I look forward to seeing you again next year in Gwangu, Korea.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Yoojea, Korea